We have a tried and tested process and coupled with our perspective, it makes us unique.

Candidates are carefully evaluated in a multi-step process that includes telephone and in-person interviews, background screening, skills assessment and company culture fit.


  1. In depth understanding

    We work with your job description for an exact understanding of your requirements. If necessary, we act as your partners creating an in-depth description. This helps us understand you better.

  2. Research
    Our basis for initial search is through three primary sources:
    i) Our contacts and database of regional professionals.
    ii) Our contacts and database of international professionals.

    iii) Headhunting. A primary sourcing tool where we approach relevant industries identifying the relevant key players to entice them to you.

  3. Screening and Interviewing:The Long List
    We conduct in-depth profiling interviews with top candidates, evaluating technical skills, leadership capabilities, personal behaviour and other factors that contribute to their effective performance.
    Background information and reference checks are also included. Only the candidates with the right cultural fit for your business qualify for the next stage.

    Full Presentation, communication and interpersonal skills are integral factors in our rigirous selection process.

  4. The Short List

    As soon as this rigorous interview process is complete we create the short-list selecting 3 to 5 of the most relevant candidates. You will then receive their CV including the indepth or précis candidate report from our QA Division showing their merits.

  5. Interview

    Your opportunity to meet your future employee and feedback to us.

  6. Review

    You can now decide who was the successful candidate or we can go back to the research stage. Your accurate feedback helps us to understand your exact requirements if we did not succeed.

  7. Offer Negotiation

    As we approach closing the candidate offer, we are your Partner presenting this offer to the candidate on your behalf. This approach allows both parties to candidly express concerns regarding the offer whilst preserving their respective positions and not jeopardising any future relationship.

  8. Approval

    After the offer is approved and agreed, the selected candidate is now ready to begin a new job and start contributing to your business’ success!

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