The QA division was developed for the sole purpose of ensuring maximum quality and efficiency. Our top senior consultants are passionate with a minimum of 20 years industry experience, possessing knowledge and expertise which spans every sector possible.

Internal Communications and Employee Recognition

Quality Assurance is clearly evident in the approach to your internal communications. Staff retention is one of the biggest issues facing any employer no matter the economic climate. Whilst there have been massive investments in customer loyalty, other stakeholders in your business such as your employees are often overlooked.

Quite frankly, a happy employee is a loyal and trusted employee. By aligning your internal communications and rewarding your loyal staff no matter their seniority then your business will benefit. These benefits help you to beat your competition and boom in any economic condition.

Employee Recruitment and Headhunting

We match excellent candidates to your exact requirements utilising modern, proven technical HR expertise. After the initial recruitment consultant assessment, the QA Division then continues further with technical assessments on every candidate. This ensures all candidates are of the highest calibre. Our full technical summary is sent to you with each CV so that you can see these recommendations and results for yourself.

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