Recruitment Consultants

Our consultants are specialists. They posess specific as well as regional expertise in their field.Covering a broad range of industries, sectors and functional areas, every assignment is approached from a unique and different perspective.We have an open, honest, human approach which is combined with a local and global search network. This ensures that you have unrivalled access to the most qualified candidates for every position.

Research Professionals

Real research professionals conducting extensive and detailed market studies which identify key individuals. Our industry qualified researchers find those who will contribute to the success of your organization.They have an arsenal of proven techniques to analyse your issue from every possible perspective. In short; conducting fresh, original targeted research; direct sourcing of currently employed candidates whilst identifying those with the most relevant qualifications, cultural fit and life aspirations.

Communication Specialists

People who understand the power of conversation whether visual or verbal.The ability to speak with your employees on a grass roots level is as important as is to have their constant feedback about how they view their environment.Our people have done this for Vodafone, HSBC, Volkswagen Group, Skoda, BAE Systems, Lloyds TSB, Ford, to name just a few.

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